Eero Aarnio Orange Fabric Retro Classic Egg Pod Armchair

This replica Eero Aarnio Egg Pod Chair is a fashionable designer piece. The egg chair dominates any room and will provide you with a talking point for visiting guests.

The Ovalia Egg Pod Chair has been around almost as long as the chicken and egg debate, designed in 1968 by Henrik Thor-Larsen. It’s based on the well known Aarnio Ball Chair but distinctly egg shaped, you may recognize it from that scene in Men in Black.

The original design was produced until 1978 and our replica versions are made from the same hollow fiberglass shell, the interior is covered in a weave wool fabric and completed with 2 foam filled cushions. Our Ovalia Egg Pod is suitable for both home and commercial use (though with anything fiberglass due care must be taken) and they look great in pairs or multiples and have a full 360 swivel mechanism making them great as centerpieces in large areas with multiple focal points.

Henrik Thor – Larsen

Industrial designer and inventor. Born in Roskilde, Denmark, in 1932. With the aim of becoming a graphic designer, Thor-Larsen underwent a 4-year apprenticeship which was concluded with a qualifying piece of work for membership of a guild as a journeyman. He got maximum marks. After a few years’ practice in Denmark, he worked in Norway and Switzerland. It was 1956.

Thor-Larsen designed and built a very well-received sports and racing car in plastic on a Porsche chassis in Stockholm.

Thor-Larsen was discovered by Saab and was asked to design the seats for the company’s new product, the slightly more sporty model Sonett. His interest then turned increasingly to industrial design and it was not a big step from car seats to easy chairst.

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The Egg Pod Chair is very similar to the Eero Aarnio Ball Chair, with a few small yet distinct differences that establish it as a unique design all of its own.

Designed byHenrik Thor – Larsen,OVALIA egg pod chairwas exhibited for the first time at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair in 1968 and was an immediate success.

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